Hello and welcome to BayCoast Mortgage!
BayCoast Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baycoast Bank, a 150 year old mutual savings bank. The goal at BayCoast Mortgage is to provide our clients with the lowest rate with the lowest cost. We can prove that paying points and closing cost seldom make sense and have developed a proprietary system designed to streamline the approval process. BayCoast Mortgage truly specializes in making it easy for you to obtain your new loan. We are confident that you will find working with us to be the best decision you could make when it comes to your mortgage. We possess the capabilities of both a mortgage bank and a savings bank, truly a one stop shop for all of your mortgage needs.

Say hello to your loan officer!
Every client gets a loan officer assigned to their file. Your loan officer will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision. BayCoast Mortgage has a myriad of mortgage programs but only one of them is right for you. Our experienced loan officers will explain the differences and tailor a solution that works for your unique situation.
Once you have chosen a program your loan officer will complete your application for you right over the phone. BayCoast Mortgage streamlines the process and will complete your interview within 15 minutes! Once the interview is completed you will receive your completed application and disclosures via secure email and by overnight mail. No matter which method you prefer we provide both options so it is convenient and simple. The loan officer will also order the appraisal and have the appraiser contact you directly to set up the property inspection.
Send us your documents
BayCoast Mortgage will provide you with a return overnight envelope for you to send us the signed documents and your supporting information. We take your completed application, combine it with the appraisal (of which we provide you a copy) and underwrite the request for approval.
Once you receive the final clear we close your new mortgage. We arrange for in the home closings or offer convenient locations for you to meet with the attorney to sign all the documents. That’s it!
A little extra information
BayCoast Mortgage uses state of the art technology to provide you with all the information you need. Please check out our website at baycoastmortgage.com for more information about us and to obtain live rate quotes. We truly appreciate your business and will do everything we can to earn it. We will not take your faith in us lightly and want you to know that we understand how important you, the customer, really is.