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"You're in good hands! Simply put, Melissa is the best! First of all, she got a loan done for me when no one else could. I had a bad income year due to a relocation and medical issues, which was weighing down my ability to qualify, but just when I was preparing to give up and wait for following year's tax return to solve my impasse, Melissa came along and worked wonders. Not only is she a knowledgeable and thorough professional, she is courteous, always answering phone calls and emails promptly (even when on vacation!) and was always there to iron out the thorny issues that come up in the course of any real estate transaction. I cannot recommend her highly enough! And I mean that with the utmost sincerity! Melissa will be in your corner every step of the way!"

"I had a great experience from my pre approval all the way to finalizing the sale. I would highly recommend Bay Coast and Melissa to anyone looking for a mortgage lender!"

"Melissa was very personable, professional, knowledgeable, and informative in keeping me updated in the process. I am very grateful for all her help. It was a pleasure working with her and I would definately refer her to friends and family."

"Melissa has been an excellent resource to us and that is why we used her for a second time. She is quick to respond to questions even after hours."

"When experience, and customer service are the attributes that are remembered most with regards to a semi complicated closing, Mrs. Baggs embodies and personifies those values, and made my closing a lot easier to work through. With regards to my home mortgage, I was working a frenetic work schedule, hard to reach and under a lot of stress, and being able to assemble all requested, or required documents, and loopholes that I had to work on for my closing, I am certain, that without Mrs. Baggs' constant availability, help, advice/council and general guidance, I wouldn't have been able to make the closing without her extensive involvement. My closing had complications unforeseen, that Mrs. Baggs help navigate, explain, and work through, that were above the normal call of duty, and for that, I'm grateful for her dedication, support, and exceptional customer service! Thank you Melissa! Cheers, Pete."

"There is no doubt that when confronted with a stressful financial process nothing matters more than having someone that is friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable by your side. Melissa helped me navigate the purchase of a home. She understood and listened to all of my concerns. She found answers to all my questions and reduced my anxieties, by making the process doable. Working with her made all the difference."

"Incredible Experience. I worked with Melissa through the Baycoast Bank Mortgage company during the process of buying my first home. As a first time home buyer, the process was very unfamiliar and extremely overwhelming. Melissa was outstanding throughout the entire process. She was accessible at all hours through email and helped me navigate each step in the process. From start to finish she was a huge asset to me and I could not imagine going through this without her. If you are looking for someone who is professional, understanding, and accommodating there is no better choice!."