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"I have been extremely impressed with Cory, he is timely and very professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."

"Cory and Baycoast came up with a better deal than any other bank; nobody else came close. He was very professional and handled a fairly complex transaction very well."

"Cory was terrific! I was refinancing with another lender and when they did not follow through Cory saved the day and got me a better rate and closed simply and quickly. He stuck with me and completed the deal so much more professionally than the other guys. Thanks Cory!"

"Cory did a superlative job with both my re fi in Massachusetts and brokering a new mortgage in Florida. I can confidently recommend his service."

"Cory and his team did a very efficient job of managing my loan and helping to quickly give me options on what might be the best financial option for my situation. He did not try to push one product over the other but listened to me the customer and worked with me to best meet my requirements. I appreciated his attention to detail, his communication throughout the process, and his follow up. I would not hesitate to recommend Cory to others and thank him again for all his efforts in my closing."

"I had a very good experience with Cory. He was patient, not pushy and provided information in a timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking to refinance their mortgage."

"I found BayCoast Mortgage a few years ago by mistake thinking this company was something else but my mistake turned out to meeting Cory Roback whom was a God send. A few years ago we refinance my home with BayCoast Mortgage from a 30 yr FHA to a 15 yr Conventional due to the help from Cory. He took the time to explain the difference and showed us numbers explaining our savings. So we decided to go forward with BayCoast Mortgage but then our Mortgage got sold to Quicken Loans. Now 3 years later, we decided to refinance with a cash out due to the savings and equity. It would have been just as easy to stay with Quicken Loans but No, I didn't feel comfortable with my current Mortgage Company's offers or information so I called Cory Roback, your loan officer because I have so much confidence in him and his processing work. When I called Cory he REMEMBERED me and was again so informative and guess what? We decided to come back to BayCoast Mortgage due to Cory. I'm writing you this because I feel that employees like Cory Roback is who keeps your company growing and if it wasn't for us Customers then you wouldn't exist. So, with that being said I'm hoping you will reach out to Cory and let him know that his customers are so appreciative of his honest, quick hard work. Employee's like Cory gives BayCoast Mortgage a good name and keeps Customers like myself coming back. It's such an honor to work with Cory and your BayCoast Mortgage Company."

"Cory Roback was very professional. He worked with us to get the best rate possible. He was very responsive when we had questions."

"We had a very positive experience working with Cory. He was very thorough and took time to explain every step very clearly. He was also very good on follow up questions and returned telephone calls punctually."